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Meeting future vehicle comfort and safety demands has required ever increasing innovation of materials, process', and time efficient development technologies for the passenger car and light truck markets. Crosslink International Inc. engineering continues to develop more effective methods to design today's increasing temperatures, operating, and part performance requirements. We are continuing to exceed in validated replacement materials such as silicone and better bonding materials, while also managing environmentally safe products that comply within our changing industry standards. While customer development pressures grow each year, we continue to grow our offering of computer programs and instrumentation tools to help model, simulate, and analyze part performance. We'll never completely abandon the age old bench testing and lab fatigue testing as our primary means of development and part proofing. C-I also will work closely with the tire, engine, and powertrain groups to assure our proposed designs are compatible with the remainder of the ride system. Our system development has helped to improve the overall product, ride comfort and performance. Some of our current automotive products consist of non-fluid engine mounts, exhaust isolators, body mounts, and variety undercarriage and power trains bushings and free rubber.


Crosslink is a leading supplier of rubber and rubber to metal for the industrial market. Our concept of a common family of parts has allowed us to offer a range of products capable of serving a multi-purpose application in multiple customer product lines. Using commons molds, we can match a range of spring rates by using a variation of compounds. This has allowed us to utilize a common design in application with a 70 durometer in the mounting of cranes cabs, and a 50 durometer to isolate an air compressors cabinet using the same design bushing. Though many of our customers in the industrial market are cost conscience, which favors a less stringent application data need, we still offer the full line engineering resources to them, and will build a custom product if called upon. Our current Industrial applications include machine mounting systems, machine leveling mounts, body and cab mounting systems, heavy duty door stops, as well as many many types of grommets, bumpers, boots, and seals.

Heavy Trucks

Crosslink offers a wide range of rubber and silicone products for the medium, heavy, and off road truck industry. As development partner with all of our Heavy Truck OEM's, we provide our customers only the most current materials and processes available in the rubber industry. Our products are guaranteed to be a system solutions for increased reliability, safety, and ride comfort. Crosslink International Inc. engineering is known to be World Class competitive in this industry. Our qualified supplier network allows C-I to process only our core competency materials, products and assemblies. This has allowed Crosslink International Inc. to hold a competitive edge as materials and processing in some sectors have increased dramatically. Crosslink International Inc. currently offers a variety of rubber and silicone products for the Heavy Truck market. Our offering includes high temperature exhaust systems, radiator mounting systems, body mounting systems, engine mounting systems, as well as a large selection of free rubber for under carriage and chassis.


The Aerospace Industry is one of the most advanced markets in the world. It is also a very diverse, with majority of the applications being safety rated and/or critical in nature to the function of the sub-assembly or product. The Aerospace industry produces commercial aircraft, military aircraft, aircraft engines, space vehicles, guided missiles, propulsion units, to name a few. Most of the Aerospace Industry is comprised in supporting the Commercial or Government programs. Rubber and rubber products are widely used in the Aerospace Industry. Rubber materials with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes rubber parts ideal for use in aerospace applications. Specialty synthetic rubber can withstand Aerospace types of fluids, engine lubricants, oils, hydraulic fluids, jet fuels, oxidizers and rocket propellants. Seals and isolators utilizing materials such as Viton and Hypalon are regularly used in commercial and military applications. Some typical rubber applications would be: isolators for auxiliary power units, o-rings used in connectors, pumps and oil reservoirs, bleed air valves, firewall seals, T-seals, Radial lip seals used in pumps, and various dampers and bumpers. We accomplish a differentiated approach to these parts by offering a variety of specialty and commercial materials, or a use of standard materials with specialty coatings to enhance the performance of the common material in the areas of abrasion or temperature and/or fatigue.

Bus & Coach

Ride comfort begins to be defined when one effectively separates exterior noise from the interior of a vehicle. Exterior noise, vibration, and harshness will generate driver and passenger discomfort. Ride discomfort can be developed from a range from power system noise(s), frequency conflicts, as well as when poor isolation from the traveled terrain inputs as road harshness. Our Bus & Coach products help dampen and isolate transmissible noise from the engine compartment and under carriage into the driver and passenger cabin areas. Crosslink offers a wide range of materials and product designs that will enhance and improve ride quality. Crosslink International Inc. products are designed and developed based on a problem, the space available, and operating conditions which drives material selections. Bonding of rubber and silicone to metals offers our customers increased durability, wider range of temperature performance, as well as color coding selection. Today, our core bus and coach product offerings are isolators for exhaust systems, mounting systems for radiator modules and engine systems, as well as general anti-vibration chassis assemblies. All of our designs are application specific, and are not recommended to be transferable from one OEM to the other.


Crosslink is a leading supplier of custom designed products for the agricultural, marine, rail, golf cart, sport vehicle, and utility vehicle business. We offer engineering services that specifically handles a wide range of land, air, and sea product development demands from our specialty markets customers. Though our specialty customers are unique in product design and operating criterion, all of our specialty OEM's have one common denominator - the goal to eliminate noise, vibration, and harshness from their chassis no matter how it operates. Crosslink International Inc. engineering provides computer simulations for each application which measures an application vibration and noise optimization levels. Our current specialty products support a variety of under carriage isolations components, rubber bonded bushings, rubber engine covers, and isolation seats. Other parts consist of counter acting dampers, and basic grommets.