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About Us

About Us

Crosslink International Inc. (C-I) is a World Class Elastomers Company dedicated to serving the Automotive, Industrial and Specialty OEM markets. Our core competencies revolve around the Design and Development of complex rubber, and rubber to metal applications. Our business strategy offers US OEM's an opportunity to increase their international supply content, risk free . This is essential to survive in today's ever increasing competitive market. All of Crosslink International Inc.'s customer base is located within North America, with over 60% being supplied directly and indirectly from our International facilities. C-I maintains two facilities in the United States.

Our History

The mid-90's opened a new dimension to information technology in business, as the World Wide Web took its place in our everyday workplace. The internet simply downsized the world as we knew it, and an era of 'Globalization' is still rapidly unfolding. In 1998, Crosslink International Inc. strategically shifted our US efforts to rapidly developing and expanding our international manufacturing foot print. These expansions continue to be developed and perfected as we anticipate the needs of our markets to serve. With many US manufacturers struggling in areas to off-set Legacy Cost, we are confident that our current market offering is a positive and lucrative alternative. Crosslink International Inc. will continue to hone down our International Supply strategy by finding even better more efficient methods to Design, Develop and Launch rubber, and rubber to metal applications at better prices. We feel we are ahead of the curve, and will continue to offer our customers the latest of 'business dynamics' in terms of cost and quality.

Our Core Competence

We are recognized as a World Class rubber molding house. Our core business is rubber molding, and Crosslink International Inc. is technically strong in bonding polymers and silicones with steel, aluminum, and TPE's. Crosslink International Inc. has a solid staff for compound development, pride ourselves on our US controls of our International Mixing, Molding and Engineering facilities. We do all this in the competitive labor areas of Asia-Pacific, and ultimately pass this along in the form of product cost. Our design capabilities often require tooling, and are found in the form of non-standard size, configuration, and materials. All of our products are unique in design, and are specifically made to solve an issue such as noise, vibration, harshness, thermal control, mounting, fluid seal, and/or environmental concerns.

Our Niche Market

Our niche market is specific to Rubber Products used in the Transportation Industry. The Transportation industry is further broken down into Land, Air, and Sea segments. The majority of our customers would be categorized as Transportation: Land, Tier II, with a small portion being Tier I. We do however, currently supply a wide range of applications to all of these Transportation market segments. The common denominator between all of our customers: they all require elastomers to reduce the transmissible noise, vibration, and harshness within their products suspension, chassis, or framework.

Our Production Capabilities

Crosslink International Inc. offers a full range of molding capabilities: compression, transfer, and injection. We also have the capability to die cut, bond, paint, weld, assemble and phosphate. A large portion of our molded parts are bonded to metals, this also includes some silicone to metal bonding technology.

Our Commitment

Mission Statement: Our commitment is to minimize COST without compromising QUALITY while continuously improving our International operations.

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