Crosslink International Inc.

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Design Engineering


Product Engineering

Valued customers of Crosslink International, Inc. (C-I) require the urgency of bringing their applications to market with speed, accuracy and technical integrity. In order to accelerate the phases of a typical rubber product design cycle, Crosslink International Inc. offers complete design support services using a variety of Computer Aided Design more   Crosslink International Inc.'s product engineering philosophy: product engineers are charged with fully managing all facets of the after-development product : from raw material's in, to out-the-door print conformance. We do not title any manufacturing engineers at Crosslink International Inc., this function is fully handled by our product more

Product Validation


Lab Equipment

Product Validation is a manufacturing & engineering 'maintenance' function that confirms production processing upholds the original design criteria of a more  

Crosslink International, Inc. (C-I) has an array of testing and analysis equipment to meet a variety of manufacturing project needs.
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