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Engineering - Molding Method Animations & Design Engineering


Compression Molding

Transfer Molding

Injection Molding

Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
- Quick Part Removal (flash forms web)
- Minimum Material Waste
- Lowest Mold Cost
- Excellent Durability
- High Cavity Density
- Least Dimension Control-Closure
- Longest Cure Time
- Higher Trimming Costs
- Difficult to Metal Bond
- High Prep Cost
- Metal Bonding
- Better Dimensional Control
- Shorter Cure Times
- Mold Closed-Rubber Transfers
- Increased Material Waste
- Increased Mold Cost
- Longer Part Removal Time
- High Potential for Automation
- Multi-metal Bonding
- Shortest Cure Time
- Good Dimensional Control
- Lowest Prep Cost
- Mold Closed-Rubber Transfers
- Increased Material Waste
- Highest Press Cost
- Highest Mold Cost
- Higher Labor Cost
- Low Cavity Density

Design Engineering

Valued customers of Crosslink International, Inc. (C-I) require the urgency of bringing their applications to market with speed, accuracy and technical integrity. In order to accelerate the phases of a typical rubber product design cycle, Crosslink International Inc. offers complete design support services using a variety of Computer Aided Design software. Cross functional involvements from Quality, Sales and Manufacturing Engineering in the design stages helps to ensure optimized design for mixing, molding, and manufacturing. Our standard design phase begins with an application data sheet which identifies the minimum and maximum operating loads (radial, axial, torsional, and conical), temperature criteria, oil, contaminations, or fluids exposure. At this point, a material can typically be estimated for first pass design purposes.

Next, a review of the envelope or real estate to work with, which will include part orientation, surrounding components, and items to contend with. This will normally provide or identify a basic shape of the application. Now its time to bring all this brainstorming to some sort of form or shape via a product rendering for drafting to work with some basic dimensions. From here, a variety of second step to confirm your start can be taken: models, various analysis packages (applying loads to confirm application data info), prototype development, and developmental or trial testing are also in order. This is normally referred to as a 'Black Box' approach. More than often we do not have the extent of information because our customer does not know, and we have to figure majority of this out together. In this case, Crosslink International Inc. will work with our customers to conceptualize, design and development a product based on some general knowledge of the application and its environment.

Crosslink International Inc.'s primarily designs using parametric solid modeling to define and tweak a parts geometries. We house a variety of Computer Aided Design seats that allow our designers no longer have to approximate, as part of the product definition process. Parametric models allow for very fast design changes without geometry recreation. This also assists in the design preparation for FEA or other application analysis programs.

Our CAD Design Center have a long history of providing
design expertise to the automotive, industrial and
Specialty OEM's. We offer stand design and development work with each program, we also can

  • Product design
  • Tool design
  • Machine design
  • Special equipment design

Our newest design package, AutoCAD Mechanical
Desktop, is used for mold as well as part design.
In addition, we have computer aided mold flow
modeling programs allow us to model mold gates and
runners on the computer, saving a significant amount
of time and unnecessary expense.

Design Software:

  • Unigraphics
  • AutoCAD
  • Catia-CADCAM Solutions
  • Solid Works
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
  • Hyperform
  • Dyna3D

Crosslink International Inc. also offers our valued customers our design, test and prototyping facilities, as well as our materialscatalogue. Where we do not support some basicmaterials testing or high load fatigue (compounded angle hydraulic testing) we will contract an A2LA laboratory to support these low frequency test items