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Crosslink International Inc. Receives USCA Award
March 9, 2012 – Crosslink International Inc., manufacturer
of rubber and rubber to metal applications for the automotive, industrial, and specialty markets was recently awarded
2012 Best of Doylestown Award more

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Crosslink International, Inc. is a world class leader in the design, development and validation of rubber and rubber to metal applications. At Crosslink International, we are committed to offering only superior product performance to our more

Our product commitment is one of uncompromised standards within our design, process and delivery systems. Crosslink International establishes advanced quality planning measures within the product design process, assuring quality and performance at the product launch phase.

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Our product mix includes, but is not limited to rubber and rubber to metal products for static and dynamic applications. At Crosslink International, we offer product engineering, prototyping, and compound development for all programs. Laboratory bench testing is recommended to support pre-production product verification. Post Production qualification measures are established depending on the critical nature of the part.

Our process capabilities differentiate Crosslink International from all others. Depending on the application design, we offer compression, transfer, and injection molding. We are proud of our manufacturing capabilities in which exceed a 1.67 Cpk.